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When used properly and in accordance with the following safety guidlines class C / Consumer fireworks are generally safe and reliable.Many injuries caused by fireworks are the result of inproper use and carelessness. Over the last few years items have improved by leaps and bounds in both performance and safe , reliable operation.Brothers Pyrotechnics has been a leader in improving both performance and reliability. This has caused many other Chinese fireworks factories to improve their products just to keep up. Furthermore we do our own testing of items we sell to see if their performance stands up to our own high standards. Please remember that you must use these items responsibly because accidents and injuries just make authorities want to restrict our use of fireworks more and more.


#1 - Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks

#2 - Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks

#3 - Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks !!!!! This cannot be emphisized enough . If you wear no other safety equipment when shooting at least wear eye protection. If your eyes get severly damaged there's not good odds at regaining lost site.

#4 - Never allow children to use fireworks unless properly supervised.

#5 - DO NOT drink alchohol while useing fireworks or allow anyone who has been drinking to light any fireworks.

#6 -Always keep spectators a safe distance away. At least 35 feet for ground items and at least 100 feet for aerial and exploding items. For novelties that move on the ground always be alert and aim them away from spectators.

#7 - Never place any part of your body [ especially your head ] over the firework when lighting. Approach the item from the side and light while keeping your body away from the item. A fusee / road flare works real good if your going to be shooting alot of items in rapid succession. It not only lights the item quickly but also provides light to help you see what your doing. Small easy light propane torches also work real well and are very covenient. If all else fails you can use the trusty punk which will come free with your order. Cigarette lighters are really not as good an option since they tend to be unreliable when breezy and also cause you to get yourself closer to the item your trying to light. A flashlight also helps when trying to find the fuse or to check if the item is properly oriented.

#8 - Before lighting an item make sure it is sturdy and level. Do not place any items on uneven sufaces or grass . Always shoot from a hard level surface free from debris.If there is not an existing hard level surface at your shoot location you need to create one useing plywood or a similar material.There are also other items you can use to increase safety when shooting aerial tems. Shooting boxes , 5gal buckets with sand , sand mounds and other techniques can be used to help better protect shooters and spectators. Check out our Articles section for a more indepth look at these shooting / safety techniques.At the end of this section we also have some specific recommendations on individual item set up .

#9 - Never try to relight an item that has malfunctioned or not shot . Stay clear of the item until your sure it is completely out.

#10 - Always read product labels and follow any special manufactures instructions.

#11 - Keep a pail of water or hose close by to use in case of fires. Better still is to have a water style fire extinguisher or backpack sprayer handy.

#12 - Beware of damaged fireworks as they are much more likely to malfunction.

#13 - Do not wear loose fitting or dangleing clothing that can more easily catch fire.

#14 - Do not put devices that explode into metal or glass containers. Shrapnel can cause serious injuries

#15 - Be careful not to shoot fireworks too close to flammables or other areas such as dry woods / fields , buildings ect. that are easily set a fire.

#16 - Store fireworks in a cool dry place where they are secure from unauthorized use .

#17 - Do not carry fireworks in your pockets . If one happens to ignite severe burns may result.

#18 - It is a good idea when shooting firreworks to protect yourself from injury as much as possible. Useing safety glasses as mentioned earlier is essential but other items like long sleeved shirts and long pants are also a good idea. Hardhats add further protection when shooting aerial items with lots of fallout.

#19 - Dispose of fireworks only after you are sure they completly out If needed spray them down with a hose or allow them to cool over night. Treat them much like you would fireplace / stove ashes.


ROCKETS - Always use some type of well supported tube to fire from. Do not load rockets down into the tube but lean engine base on the top of the tube. Angle tubes slightly from staight up at the safest direction away from spectators or fire hazards See are Articles section on rocket racks.

FIRECRACKERS - It is best to lay them on the ground or hard flat surface when useing. When shooting whole packs it works best to hang them from a secure location .

MULTI SHOTS / CAKES - Make sure they are on a hard flat level surface to pevent tipping. To further secure or block them or to use something like a shooting box [See Articles ] adds further protection from tipping problems.

RELOADABLE SHELLS - Make sure tubes are on a flat level suface or better yet burry tubes slightly in sand to make them more stable. Racks can also be made [Articles] to hold tubes. When reloading allow 30 seconds or so before loading next shell to allow any remaining embers to cool.After several shots dump excess paper waste out of the tube as excess paper in tube effects the items perfomance. Do not use damaged tubes

SINGLE SHOT AERIAL TUBES - As with reloadables make sure tubes are on hard flat sufaces or slightly burried in sand or blocked off.

AERIAL SPINNERS - These need a hard flat surface free from debris to function properly. It is recommeded to have a clear shooting area of at least 4' x 4' .

NOVELTIES - There are many different types of these items. Make sure you read all directions when useing.If they move on the ground the larger and smoother the surface is the better they will function.

FOUNTAINS - Just make sure they are on a hard level surface away from anything flammable

ROMAN CANDLES - It is best to partially bury these in sand or a bucket filled with sand. Make sure they are secure before lighting. Never hold them in your hand as they can backfire and cause injuries

WHEELS - Make sure they are properly secured with the nail provided. They can come loose and roll around if not attached securely. After they are nailed up spin them by hand to insure they spin smoothly and won't get hung up .

SPARKLERS - Be very careful when useing in crowded situations . Allow for plenty of room between people and keep close watch on children when they are useing them . Spent metal sparklers remain very hot after use and should be put in a pail of water to cool. Dispose of them properly as metal sparkler can become dangerous flying object when run over by a lawn mower.


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