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Our company started doing business in 1998 with a goal of supplying only the very best fireworks available to our customers. We will not offer for sale any firework item that we have not personally tested Our goal is to avoid offering for sale any item that is disappointing in it’s performance or is unreliable in it’s operation . We believe that fireworks should bring great joy , fun and value along with being safe and reliable so as not to cause needles injuries . We believe that our products offer the best variety, value and performance of any retail consumer fireworks company .You our valued customers can be assured that we will continually retest our products every year to assure consistent quality.
You can further depend on us to find you the very best in new items. We plan to continually update our safety recommendations and to expand on our information areas that can help you use your fireworks in a safer, more fun and in more interesting ways. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance with ordering, shipping, product and use questions. Our knowledgeable staff can help you plan your display for any occasion, from holidays to birthdays, to weddings and anything in between. Just leave it to us and we’ll provide you with a packaged assortment to fit any budget and any occasion . We want you to be a repeat, and long term customer. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with our high quality firework items


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Phone: (540) 948-3353
Fax: (540) 948-7077
P.O. Box 188
US Rt 29, Madison, VA
22727, USA

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