Shipping/Hold Harmless Agreement

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Hold Harmless Waiver & Acknowledgement Agreement

In consideration for the sale of fireworks from Sky Fantasy Fireworks Inc. , the undersigned does hereby acknowledge and agree to the following 1- That he/she is eighteen[18] years of age or older and fully understands the dangers of selling , storing , transporting or using fireworks and is willing to assume all responsibility involved with this purchase; and 2-That he/she has read and understood Virginia Code Sections 59.1-142 through 59.1-148 ; and 3-That he/she has provided Sky Fantasy Fireworks Inc. , with a copy of their photo identification clearly showing their current place of residence , and their birth date; and 4-That if the undersigned is a Virginia resident and is purchasing items not allowed under Virginia Code 59.1142-148 he/she has provided Sky Fantasy Fireworks Inc. with a copy of a local permit authorizing their use ; and 5- That the merchandise will be resold , transported , used , and stored in accordance with all federal , state , and local laws of the jurisdiction of destination, and that he/she has made him or herself aware of the law of that jurisdiction; and 6- That the purchaser specifically agrees that he/she will hold harmless from any and all liability and will not sue Sky Fantasy Fireworks Inc. , its agents , employees , officers , shareholders , successors , or assigns , for any claims that may arise from the use , storage , transportation , or resale of the sellerís products ; and 7- That this agreement is executed freely and the undersigned is fully aware of the significance and consequences of the specific intent to release and hold harmless any and all further claims against Sky Fantasy Fireworks Inc. ALL EXPRESS AND/OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED , AND ALL ,MERCHANDISE IS SOLD "AS IS"

Further Terms of Sale

  1. All prices are FOB Madison Virginia there will be additional charges for shipping and a $5.00 boxing charge per order
  2. Minimum Mail , FAX , Phone , or On Line Webb order is $100.00 plus Freight and $5.00 boxing charge
  3. Minimum Pick up order is $35.00
  4. Excepted payment methods are VISA , MC , AMEX , Money Order , Cashiers , Certified & Personal Checks NO C.O.D.
  5. All shipping costs must be prepaid and will be determined after order is received For additional information on shipping see Special Shipping Information
  6. NO ORDERS CAN BE PROCESSED WITHOUT [A]- A copy of this form [ Hold Harmless Waiver & Acknowledgment Agreement ] , filled out and signed by purchaser & [B]-A copy of a valid photo identification of purchaser [ For Mail , FAX , Phone , Internet Orders ] . Photo ID not required for novelty fireworks purchases
  7. This agreement will be good for multiple purchases

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